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No internet, but all lights green

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No internet, but all lights green

I am unable to connect to the internet, but all the lights on both the modem and router are green. I have tried 4 different routers (supplied Plusnet router, plus Billion BiPAC 7800N, 7800DX and Netgear Nighthawk X4S) and all of them show a green internet light, but I get no internet. 

When I put the PC on, I can connect to the BT Wholesale broadband performance test which gives me a download speed of 0mb,  but an upload speed of around 11mb and a ping of about 30. 

I have even managed to upgrade the Netgear routers firmware. 

When I try to connect my iPad to the wifi I get a login error and it says something like there is a billing error (I pay by D/D and am up to date).

I am unable to test via master socket as I do not have a splitter. My BT faceplate acts as a splitter, I plug both phone and broadband directly into it. The phone works perfectly fine. 


I can only deduce that there is a problem on Plusnets end. Please can this be looked into. 

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Re: No internet, but all lights green

Welcome to the forum @Ebeneser

I suspect that you may be about to spend some time on the phone (or chat, harder without internet!) to Plusnet. There may be someone from the Plusnet team here today but they can be a bit thin on the ground. If you can get hold of a Plusnet person, they will be able to check how their system is responding to what your router is sending when trying to log in.

I'm sure that you'll have been there/done this already but the only thing I could think of was that your password/user name was being entered wrongly, but that doesn't seem to fit with what you are reporting.