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No internet at all for the full day

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No internet at all for the full day

Well there isn't much to say as this isn't local to me but being without Internet for me is frustrating as that is my main contact for me, added to that I've had to use my phone data to write this.

Support is closed to everything but the phones (which I have a hard time using) what's wrose is the fact THEY are going offline tomorrow, added to that with network outages over the next week (rendering my housemates usage pointless as he uses it at night) it just leaves me feeling that the ISP isn't up to snuff anymore.

We all need clear information now and in the future not 'suddenly realise' there is a problem after the media picks it up.
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Re: No internet at all for the full day

I had the same but mine is back on - bad news is the speed has dropped to 23.3 from 38!!!  Fristrated!