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No fibre upgrade/put onto highest BB rate

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Registered: ‎09-12-2018

No fibre upgrade/put onto highest BB rate

Help! Please!

No upgrade to fibre for nearly 2 months. Old BB contract due to finish 13/11.

Agreed new fibre contract to start then. But told could upgrade sooner on 16/10. Still no fibre.

Given option to pay line rental upfront, haven't been able to do so for 3 months.
Taken this up many times with customer services by phone. They apparently can't help. Waiting on average 30/40 mins to speak to anyone. Looking for someone at Plusnet to contact us, take ownership of the problem and fix it. Have seen others on the forum have had solutions such as new broadband account to get round the problem by sales and retention team. So fingers crossed!

Received email dated 13.9 with link to pay line rental upfront. Each time tried to pay this it says:
You can't add Line Rental Saver for the moment. Unfortunately Customer Centre Members will not be able to do this for you either.
Our system may be updating. Please try again later.
If you find you can't add Line Rental Saver again, let us know using the Help Assistant

Had also decided to change our BB to fibre. Rang and agreed new contract and terms. £23.99 for unlimited fibre and line rental included plus £8 anytime landline and mobile calls. No activation fee. New router. This was confirmed in an email dated 9/9. Should now be £31.99 a month. Upgrade to unlimited fibre agreed from 16/10 then committed to 19/10.

Said happy to wait and start new contract but told they'd process upgrade. Still no fibre. Told we had fibre. Then told clearly don't have fibre. Now told fibre in place to router but not activated.

Told new billing system together with upgrade caused fault. New contract stuck in pending. High priority. Wait for fix. Will get email and/or text. Hasn't happened.
Still can't pay line rental, though shouldn't need to pay upfront as included in £23.99 as agreed.

Plusnet have also moved us onto the most expensive BB even though they'd agreed with us to upgrade to fibre. Did get £5 credit for Nov bill. Need another £2.99 credit for Nov but also £7.99 for Dec bill whilst this is being sorted. The least Plusnet can do is ensure we aren't paying more than a new customer.

Require the following please:
1. Unlimited Fibre activated and confirmed. As agreed.
2. New contract for £23.99 unlimited fibre and line rental included plus £8 anytime calls and mobile calls. Total £31.99 a month by direct debit to be set up, as agreed.
3. Remove upfront line rental option, if that's causing problems and agreed monthly direct debit anyway.
4. Extra £2.99 credit for Nov bill plus £7.99 credit for Dec bill as being charged top BB rate, to be added to our account. This will mean we aren't being charged top cost.
5. Account to be updated and recorded correctly, as still showing old contract.
6. Everything confirmed by email.
7. Contact details of one person to take ownership of this issue.
8. Compensation for literally hours spent on the phone trying to sort this out.

Had been pleased with Plusnet service and Customer services always helpful. That's why we decided to stay with you. So come on Plusnet, sort this out for us!