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No fibre broadband connection since switch from BT

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Registered: ‎03-12-2018

No fibre broadband connection since switch from BT

Recently switched my brosdband and phone from BT to Plusnet. No issue with phone switch which took place on 17th December as this is ok but have been unable to get a fibre connection since transfer. Tried a third party Draytek router with no success and have now tried to connect with Plusnet's own Hub One router which is flashing orange. Was expecting BT Openreach engineer to come out as previous broadband was non fibre and telephone wiring has not been upgraded since moving into property in early seventies. Very frustrating!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No fibre broadband connection since switch from BT

Hi @colin9,


I'm sorry that you've had no connection since moving to us and for any inconvenience that this is causing you. I've tested your line but the test hasn't picked up the cause of this problem from here and indicates that the line is not picking up the router at all at the moment.


GEA Test Detail
Test Outcome Pass
Test Outcome Code GTC_FTTC_SERVICE_1102
Description Modem at End User is powered down. Check that modem is plugged in and switched on
Main Fault Location OK
Sync Status Out Of Sync
Downstream Speed 40.0 Mbps
Upstream Speed 10.0 Mbps
Appointment Required N
Fault Report Advised N
NTE Power Status PowerOff
Voice Line Test Result Pass
Interference Pattern Not Detected
Service Impact No Impact Observed
Downstream Policing Discard Rate 0.0
Customer Traffic Level No Traffic Detected
Technology VDSL
Profile Name 0.128M-40M Downstream, Interleaving Low - 0.128M-10M Upstream, Error Protection Off
Time Stamp 2018-12-17T13:00:00
Parameters MIN MAX AVG
Down Stream Line Rate -1 Mbps -1 Mbps -1 Mbps
Up Stream Line Rate -1 Mbps -1 Mbps -1 Mbps
Up Time 0.0 Sec 0.0 Sec 0.0 Sec
Retrains 0.0 0.0 0.0
Current and Last 15 Minute Bin Performance
Parameters Last Traffic Count(Upto 15 mins) Current Traffic Count(Upto 15 mins)
Start Time Stamp 2018-12-20T11:13:43Z 2018-12-20T11:28:43Z
Ingress Code Violation 0 0
Egress Code Violation 0 0
Errored Seconds 0 0
Severely Errored Seconds 0 0
Unavailable Seconds 179 306


Please can you run through the troubleshooting steps here, using the Plusnet router, to rule out any internal wiring/equipment issues. If these steps don't resolve the problem, please report it here and let us know when you've completed it - we'll then be able to investigate this further for you.

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team
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Registered: ‎03-12-2018

Re: No fibre broadband connection since switch from BT

Thanks to Liam in the Plusnet Call Centre Support Team who was very helpful in progressing my fibre connection fault. Now awaiting visit from BT Openreach Engineer tomorrow morning to look into the telephone wiring in my property which may need upgraded to support fibre broadband.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No fibre broadband connection since switch from BT

Hi @colin9, thanks for your post.


That's brilliant news, I'll ensure the advisors manager is aware of the positive feedback.


Please let us know how the engineer visit goes and if you need anything else at all we're only a post away.