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No fibre available but neighbours can???

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Re: No fibre available but neighbours can???


Our street looked at fttp, 20K was the estimate.

Are you really sure there is no 4G?

Are you in a rural area where there are alternative microwave based services (ask your local farmers)

You could go for satellite, it does work , I used it in the past.

Wait for Boris to fix it Smiley

A lot of people are in the same situation due to the may the telecoms services are structured.

Me, 5G bring it on, bye bye phone line etc.

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Re: No fibre available but neighbours can???


In post #3 Luzern gave you a link to a website which shows more detail about your line and Exchange. You should have a look at this to see if your line is specifically mentioned as one of the "Exchange" areas. Note however, the site isn't always up to date. This might give you more detail when looking to stir movement.


It appears there is general action on Superfast broadband in Wales but you have to go digging for details. ISPReview mentioned Pembrokeshire twice this year


You might find a local campaigning group or even a local project.