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No change in upload speed after Fibre Extra Upgrade

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No change in upload speed after Fibre Extra Upgrade

I negotiated an upgrade to Fibre Extra about 3 weeks ago (my previous Fibre contract was ending).  Received many confusing messages (mostly internal) about upgrade failures from your end, most recent on Saturday and about the middle of last week I noticed an increase in download speed to 42 (despite message saying upgrade had failed?).  Then I received an email this morning saying upgrade was complete.  However, despite several modem/router reboots after an hour off-time, I have no change in my upload speed.  With Fibre I got a steady 35/5 down/up. I am now getting 43/5 (see BT Checker report attached).  I appear to have the correct upstream profile now (20) but nothing has changed.  Do I need a DLM reset?  Is this still appropriate for VDSL2?  

Could someone look at my line settings and check that all appears to be as it should please.  I was on a legacy tariff for many years, prior to a new contract with home phone added 18 months ago, whereafter I was downgraded to standard Fibre without my agreement or knowledge!  My legacy connection was around 55/12 with the same line and equipment, so I was hoping for something close to this again after latest upgrade.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No change in upload speed after Fibre Extra Upgrade

Thanks for getting in touch @rabfixit

I've tested your line and I can't see any causes for this remotely. You're not being restricted by DLM as your current profile is "Downstream: 0.128M-80M with Retransmission (High). Upstream: 0.128M-20M with no error protection".

I'd recommend raising a fault here so we can look into this further

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team