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No broadband rude engineers

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No broadband rude engineers

I need help … I’ve not had broadband for over 24 hours despite explaining I need it for health reasons as where I live my phone only works on WiFi calling and it’s essential to have my phone contact not only for my health but my security and safety … have had bt all day trying to supposedly find the fault and speaking to them all you got from every question was “dunno” “dunno” “dunno” oh and they don’t even know where the fault is and then they rudely walk off whilst you are talking to them and plusnet just said there’s a fault try and get it sorted by Friday and would answer any questions with same answer about being sorted by Friday … I know I’ve another day to go but I am getting so stressed and panic attacks galore and have no idea who to turn to and contact … even when you go to the status page it says everything is fine …. Anybody have any ideas for me as I would appreciate any help and advice …. thank you
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Re: No broadband rude engineers

Thanks for your post @loopylou0108 and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm really sorry to see you can't get online and you're having issues with the engineers, which is causing a lot of stress.

I've checked the fault report with our suppliers, and I can see they've identified a problem at the exchange they're working to resolve. We should know more before the close of play tomorrow. 

In the meantime, I'd recommend filling out our additional support form Here so we can make sure we're offering the best support we can, which based on what you've said would likely include priority fault repair.

However priority fault repair would just mean an engineer's out quicker and at this stage it won't help get the issue fixed faster, but it's still definitely logging the support form on your account for any future phone line faults you may experience, to try to make sure an engineer's assigned a job as fast as an engineer was for this job.

To try to get this existing repair prioritised, I'd like to raise an emergency welfare case, but there'd be certain criteria we'd have to meet for Openreach to accept one. Could you drop me a private message Here with the following information?

  • Some details of any medical conditions you may have
  • Do you have careline/lifeline alarm?
  • Do you have a mobile phone? (Although if you don't get signal then that'd be a no)

I can't guarantee though if a welfare case is accepted that it'll be fixed before tomorrow due to the time of night now, however it'll mean that if there are any delays with the repair, the fault will be prioritised as urgent.

Thanks in advance. 

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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Re: No broadband rude engineers

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