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No broadband no updates

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No broadband no updates

Came home on Wednesday to kids telling me internet cut out on them at 2pm. I'm an IT tech so my kids are trained to check cables, switch on and off etc. Nothing worked. Raised a fault and was told that although the lights on the router indicate physical fault, the tests show I'm connected via a test account so the fault was software related. Obviously tried to re-input the account details but hub was having none of it. Was reassured that it was an easy fix no engineer needed.

If the fix is easy why do they wait till the end of their 72 hours? And all the updates I get come from me chasing them rather than the other way around. Really disappointed with their service, had a fault 3 months ago which I eventually fixed myself, updated THEIR ticket and closed as resolved. Then couple days later I had a call from BT engineer with estimated time of arrival, plus net never cancelled his visit. Again, all communication was initiated by myself.

I never had any issues with them before, I've been with them for 15 years and over the years the few faults I had we resolved quickly and results communicated. I think they are now hiding behind their 72-hour SLA.


the fault is not fixed yet. I have a flight to catch but can't print off paperwork, can't use Skype to let my family know I've arrived and the hassle and extra costs involved just make me want to jump ship. How can plus net say they pride themselves on customer service then don't update tickets for 3 days?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No broadband no updates

Hi Zdenka,


Thanks for posting and I'm sorry to see that your fault wasn't picked up as quickly as we would have hoped.


I can see that we've dispatched a replacement router which we're hoping should be a fix for the issue.


Failing that I can see that things are lined up for an engineer visit. Please do feel free to post back here if the new router doesn't help so that we can make sure the engineer visit is arranged without delay. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team