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No broadband .No dial tone .

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No broadband .No dial tone .

No broadband no dial tone for a week, a ticket was raised last Saturday it's still down when I spoke to Plusnet in the week they advised me that my ticket been closed and it had been fixed, it hadn't and we had seen no one. Another ticket was raised and we had an engineer come out on Thursday who told us it's something to do with the line under the ground and it was something that he couldn't fix and was going to be reported.1-week later from fault heard nothing from anyone still no dial tone still no broadband. Call Plusnet today and they are referring to a new SLA which really is in breach of the contract as it seems a bit of manipulation there by openreach and Plusnet closing tickets down as complete to restart repair SLAs. I'm sure Ofcom would be interested in that!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No broadband .No dial tone .

Hi @Stu1000,


I'm sorry that your landline and broadband services aren't working at the moment and for the inconvenience that this is causing you.


I've had a look into what you were told about the tickets/faults being closed and I can confirm that this is incorrect. I do apologise that you were told this and for the concern that this has caused you. I have passed on feedback about this so that this can be looked into further and discussed with the relevant advisor.


This is a residential product and there isn't an SLA as such but our supplier's target fix time is by 23:59 on the second working day after the fault is reported. Due to the physical nature of the network, this is only an estimate and more complex faults will take longer to fix. This fault was reported to us on Saturday the 7th of December. As this isn't a working day, our suppliers treat this as if the fault was reported on the following Monday and so the target fix time in this case was the 11th of December.


Our suppliers carried out some work on the 10th of December that they believed had resolved the fault. However, you made us aware on the 12th of December that the fault was still ongoing and so we asked our suppliers to investigate this further. They then determined that the fault lies underground and so this then had to be raised to an engineer with the correct skill set to work on underground faults. I have contacted our suppliers today and they have advised that this engineer will be working on the fault soon and we should receive an update by the 16th of December. I will contact you once we have this update.

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