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No Broadband past 8 Hours

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No Broadband past 8 Hours

This sucks first called at 4:00PM to report a lost of internet, and was told that there are maintenance going on so internet will be on & off till 5:00 PM, so waited till about 8:40 PM & called to ask why there is no internet & this time I was told that there’re maintenance going on from 6:00 PM and it should be done by 11:00 PM. So is there really a problem or are they just Lying to me, because call 1 and 2 said to deferent things (1 said till 5 & 2 said till 11) and still no broadband DSL still not connected.


now I know they were lying to me because I could not call them after 10:00 PM

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No Broadband past 8 Hours

Hi there, 


Sorry to see there's an issue. When there's an outage like the one you've described we're given an ETA for a fix, as the work can sometimes take longer than expected new ETAs are issued and I can tell that's happened in this case. 


I can see that your connection came back up at around 00:30 and has been up since. Apologies for the disruption. 




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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team