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Next hop IP address and slow ping response 172.16

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Registered: 2 weeks ago

Next hop IP address and slow ping response 172.16

Hi,  myself and a colleague are both with Plusnet but in different areas of Yorkshire.  Our trace routes to our workplace internet router hosted by Virgin are both similar.

The first hop is obviously our home router -  The next hop is always a private IP starting 172.16.x.x  Is this Plusnet infrastructure or the local exchange?

Normal response is under 20ms but one of our connections this week is fluctuating between 7ms and 532ms - averaging 51ms, hence making the overall trip time to the final destination slower than it should be e.g. 70ms on average, where as it would normally be around 20ms


The extra latency, especially when above 150ms is causing problems with IP (UDP) Voice calls.


Can any confirm issues today in South Yorkshire, but more intrestingly, what the 172.16.x.x IP is as all the other IPs are public.