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New vdsl modem/router?

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New vdsl modem/router?

Is there any way Plusnet can send me their recommended router either for free or on a temp loan scheme. In order to rule out the possibility that a change to plusnet's pppoe implementation has led to my router configuration contributing to line instability?

If open reach say there is no line fault then there it is either my home equipment all of a sudden becoming incompatible with plusnet or plusnet have an internal issue with their network.


I am happy to try to rule out my home configuration completely by using the recommended equipment from plusnet. If they are unwilling to supply with the equipment then can they suggest a specific router/modem that i can purchase from a third party?

This way i don't go buy a new vdsl router and it is not confirmed working for other people.

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Re: New vdsl modem/router?

What problems are you facing?

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Re: New vdsl modem/router?

If you've signed a new contract within the past 3 months they will supply one for the p&p cost of £6.99.

I must have been really bad in a previous life as this was my 3rd ISP in a row that used lithium.
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Re: New vdsl modem/router?

Just an update on my on going "sync instability issues".


I paid the £7 for delivery for a new branded VDSL router from plusnet. It is has been a lot more stable since plugging the router in. It is too early to tell if this has resolved the problem. I am still only syncing at 55mbit though on my 80/20 subscription. I will try a resync today and see if it goes any higher. After the open reach engineer came around I was getting a solid 80/20 for a month. So i know for a fact that the line is capable of that speed. If there is any slowness then there is an issue with plusnet itself.


Ok so where does this leave us? Is my existing open reach modem in bridge mode and my own router configuration not valid on plusnet network anymore? Would this explain why tons of people are experiencing the same problem with slow speeds and line instability?


I was told when I first signed up that I can use my own router/modem configuration so long as it supports pppoe.


The next step is for me to try and put this new vdsl modem in bridge mode so that I can put my router behind it. I suspect though that might not work as well. Which goes against what was originally said to me when I signed up, which was that plusnet router are not required and I can use my own router.

Of course at this point it may actually go unstable again and prove that the router configuration is not at fault it is the plusnet pppoe config.


I do have another open reach appointment booked for thursday next week but they want to charge me £65 if they don't find a fault. They didn't find a fault the first time (apparently) even though my line went from unstable to 80/20 and stable for a month.


If plusnet don't support my router configuration then I might have to find another isp.


It would be interesting to know how many people with the slow sync speeds and disconnects issues are using their own router/modem configuration, opposed to the plusnet router.

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Re: New vdsl modem/router?

For me it was the other way around - the PN router was actually the thing giving me a headache. It was artificially restricting my download speeds after a set period of time despite myself also being on 80/20, like you. Rebooting it temporarily fixed the problem, but as you can imagine that got boring rather sharpish.


I purchased a standalone VDSL2+ router modem, so that I could use that standalone without needing the PN router. Since using this it has solved the issue and, not only that, I actually seem to be getting marginally better speeds both up and down (75/18.5).


To be honest I just let the router use it's inbuilt wizard to set up the connection but the IP profile properly matches what I'm paying for. A suggestion perhaps - have you made sure the firmware of your own equipment is fully up to date?