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New user transfer date

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New user transfer date

My phone should be transferred from BT to Plusnet on 8th December 2017. Is that when my new PN Fibre broadband will start as well?

My reason for asking is that there may be nobody here for about 24 hours to set the router up, so will leaving it for a few hours before setting up the router cause any problems with getting getting online? ( I intend to use my BT Smart Hub), 


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Re: New user transfer date

I did both on the same day

Just a couple of days ago


The phone handover was seamless

Broadband from old supplier (Sky) was switched off at 6.30 AM


About 6.45 pm got an email saying the new fibre broadband was ready (strangley not text message)

It would not go and needed about 45 minute wait on the phone to support, seems the router was not set up.

But do not see a problem