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New user - any tips for transferring Smart kit?

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New user - any tips for transferring Smart kit?

Just connected. Dumped TalkTalk for Plusnet.

But with 5 smartplugs, 4 CCTV cameras, Yale security and Ring doorbells to reinstall, plus laptops, smartphones, TVs and Firesticks we've over 30 items to changeover and test.

Makes changing ISP providers a daunting task. Worse still some items need me to disable 5Ghz to connect those 2.5Ghz plugs. Getting rather technical.

Surely there must be an easier way to change ISPs? This is a whole day's work.

Any tips?
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Re: New user - any tips for transferring Smart kit?

You could possibly use the Talk Talk router (if unlocked) with the Plusnet connection?

Some details/advice is here as well as here.

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Re: New user - any tips for transferring Smart kit?

I tend to not use ISP supplied routers, so it's not something I've needed to do, though depending on how they are set up, it might work if you set the SSID and key on the Plusnet router to be the same as the TalkTalk one, or set it to something of your choosing, and only go through it all once, and just use that SSID with any future equipment.

If you've manually set IP Addresses in the devices though you might not be able to set the same subnet on the Plusnet router, though I don't remember having to do that with any of my smart devices.  I think mine are just getting them from DHCP on the router.

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Re: New user - any tips for transferring Smart kit?

I think you need to avoid changing your existing smart devices and set up the new PN router to match your old talk talk router configuration... eg. use the same SSID and password, so devices don't need to be reconfigured.  Set static IP and dynamic IP ranges if you need them so it all looks the same...  Hopefully you should only need to set up the new router.  But I guess you'll need to test all your devices whichever way you go.