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New speed problem

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New speed problem

Long term 40/20 user with static IP address.  Enforced switch to 55/10 eventually settled down with very steady speeds of 51~52 / 9.4-9.5 and very stable pings 16-20ms.  Recently pings have become more variable and now performance has fallen off with download speed under 38, upload unchanged.  iplayer has shown a tendency to hang which is a nuisance that used to be very rare.  Attached ping graph seems fairly typical

<a title="Broadband Ping" href=""><img alt="My Broadband Ping - RogerFibre" src="" /></a>

Suggestions please.

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Re: New speed problem


All looks fairly normal to me. Just a connection in use during the day and mostly idle at night. There's a small amount of packet loss around 2am but barely worth mentioning.

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Re: New speed problem

Have you checked your IP Profile from a BT diagnostic speed test and the current line speed?

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Re: New speed problem


Testing your line isn't showing any problems. There was an incorrect setting on your account that I've now corrected, can you try a disconnect/reconnect of the router and see if the speeds improve?
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 Chris Parr
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Re: New speed problem

Thanks Chris.  Normal service resumed.  Confirmed with BT speed test.

Prompt service much appreciated.

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Re: New speed problem

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): I have changed the fix to Chris as per message 5.

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