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New router new contract

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New router new contract

New fibre customer and cannot get the router to connect to the broadband.

The power light is solid orange with no other lights showing.

Control panel just says connecting constantly.

I have carried out a factory re-set and admin password change but i cannot change the pre-set username and password as it doesnt connect it just says PPP connecting.

Can anybody help with this issue? TIA
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Re: New router new contract

Are you sure that your line has been enabled at the street cabinet yet?

You may have had an email to say that your order is complete, but that doesn't mean OpenReach have been out and wired you up yet.

Log in to the Member Centre and follow the link to "View Your Questions". Look at Closed Questions. There may be one that gives a target date for what they call "provisioning". That means physically connecting you up.

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Re: New router new contract

Hello there,

I'm assuming you were on standard broadband and then upgraded to fibre broadband? In that scenario your account would still be active and your new router should work with ADSL as well as Fibre so it shouldn't matter if the work hasn't been done at the cabinet yet.

I've seen the 'PPP Connecting' issue before. If you disconnect the DSL cable from the router, you should be able to change the PPP username and password. Make sure you plug the cable back in just as you click the connect button. It may take a few minutes to connect as the router will start to re sync before it authenticates.

I hope this helps you

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