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New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup

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New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup


I have recently switched to the router to Asus DSL-AC68VG

I can connect to the Internet and the link speed test is OK

DL ~ 54.9 Mbps 

UL ~17.6 Mbps

In theory, everything should work fine... however my feel to how fast some popular pages are loading is very slow. Youtube (popular videos) are very slow to open and normally autostart in lower res etc.


How can I check if my line is bounded?

Router/Modem reporting  "Current Downstream SNR Margin: 9.9 dB" which looks very low.


These are my settings for VDSL connection can someone advise any changes to these settings?:


WAN Index
WAN Type: DSL / Ethernet VDSL WAN (PTM) ( Active )

PVC Setting
WAN Connection Type: PPPoE
Enable WAN: Yes
Default Route: WAN 1
Enable UPnP: No ( WAN 1 )


Enable: Yes
VLAN ID: 101

WAN IP Setting
Get the WAN IP automatically: Yes

WAN DNS Setting
Connect to DNS Server automatically: Yes

Account Settings
PPP Username:
Password: •••••••••••••••••

Disconnect after time of inactivity (in seconds): 0
MTU: 1492
Service Name: EMPTY
Host-Uniq (Hexadecimal): EMPTY
Internet Detection: PPP Echo
PPP Echo Interval: 10
PPP Echo Max Failures: 38

DSL modulation: VDSL2
ANNEX Mode: Annex B/J
SRA (Seamless Rate Adaptation): Enabled
Bitswap: Enabled
VDSL Profile: 17a
G.INP (G.998.4): Enabled
G.vector (G.993.5): Enabled
Stability Adjustment (ADSL): 1 dB (Current Downstream SNR Margin: 9.9 dB)


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Re: New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup


Your Asus router settings appear to look ok.


54.9 Mbps seems low for the 74 Mbps DSL link speed reported by your router diagnostics.  I would have expected 65+ mbps.

Did you run the speed test over ethernet connection?

Which speed tester did you use?  (eg.


Your problems may be with the Asus wifi, do you witness same issues loading popular website with wired ethernet connection to Asus?

If you were using wifi, were you connected to 2.4 or 5 GHz?


Or you may be suffering from packet loss if problems persist with ethernet connection, or there is a fault with the Asus?

What are your ping times like from speed tests?




To check for packet loss, you could perhaps set up a BQM monitor? 

You will need to turn on Ping on the Asus. You may find the setting here if it is like other Asus routers:

Advanced Settings > Firewall > General > Respond ICMP Echo (Ping)

(Note the IP address of your Plusnet connection can change, rendering BQM useless)



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Re: New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup

Thank you for your answer bill888, 



Internet speed does not seem to be affected by the type of connection. Does not matter if I use RJ45 or wifi (5G)
Ignore the internet speed test it is normally around >60 which is fine.

Google speed test :
UP 64.7 Mbps
DL 17.9 Mbps
Latency: 5 ms

similar to the above 
Latency 7ms


BQM monitor 


sample ping directly from the router:

--- ping statistics ---
90 packets transmitted, 90 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 5.164/5.476/5.913 ms

--- ping statistics ---
20 packets transmitted, 20 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 5.224/5.649/6.423 ms


Therefore I think we can rule out wifi or ethernet connection issues, also tested on multiple devices so can rule out device issue. 

Line Attenuation 11.9 dB
and this
SNR for UP 9.9 dB / for DL 15.4 dB

how (if) could I get better SNR or line Attenuation?
On the router, I have the setting for Stability Adjustment (ADSL) that I set to 1dB but this does not seem to affect quality in any way.


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Re: New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup

The link you provided for BQM does not work.  You have to create a shareable link

Log into Thinkbroadband > My Profiles > Broadband Quality Monitor 

Click 'Share' for selected BQM graph.

Choose snapshot or live graph.   This leads to a shareable URL.


However, your latest speedtests do not suggest there is packet loss imho.


You can't normally change the downstream SNR. It is set by DSLAM in the fibre cabinet.  Only suggestion is try previous router and see if DSL link speed and SNR are similar in value.


It is not clear from your reply, but I presume web pages are still load slowly when connected to Asus using ethernet ?


At the moment, we don't know if the slowness is with the incoming broadband connection/routing, or with the Asus.  I suspect the latter.   Here are a number of other suggestions which may or may not help narrow down the issue.


Does the issue affect all your different devices? (laptop, phone, tablets etc).

If you are using a laptop, temporarily turn off the antivirus software if it is from a 3rd party (eg. mcafee etc) to see if it makes any difference.


Is the firmware up to date on the Asus?


Try turning off Asus for 15 minutes.  It may force router to pick up a new IP address when reconnected to Plusnet.


Have you enabled any settings such as QoS/Traffic Manager or any security features in the Asus which may be causing slow web page loading issues?



Backup and save your current Asus router settings.

Plug your previous router (Hub One?) and confirm web pages are loading quickly etc.

Turn off wifi on Hub One.

Connect WAN port from Asus to spare LAN port on Hub One.

Change the LAN IP address of Asus from its default of to say, because Hub One already uses same 192.168.1.x subnet.

There is no user manual for the Asus.  You may need to configure Asus to use WAN port instead of DSL port to get internet access if it does not automatically select the WAN port.

Observe whether web pages still load slowly when devices connected to Asus.


Another idea is to configure Asus into Bridge modem mode, you could connect Asus to broadband line and wire Hub One's red WAN port into any Asus LAN port.  These instructions may work for your Asus:  (Use VLAN 101 setting) 

Then use your devices and connect to Hub One and observe whether pages load slowly or not.

To return Asus to normal router mode, you will probably have to perform a factory reset by using the Reset button on the back of the router (Sorry, I can't find instructions)  Then you can log into Asus and restore the previous settings file you created.


If all else fails, I can only suggest you return Asus for refund and buy something else. (Is the DSL-AC68VG an imported model?  No reason why it should not work on Openreach FTTC in theory, but it is possible it hasn't been fully tested)   TBH, unless you have wireless devices that have 4 built-in aerials, or using other Asus products which support their so-called NitroQAM feature, you won't benefit from claimed 1625 mbps wifi speeds on 5 GHz.

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Re: New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup

sorry I have added wrong link for the monitor (on ASUS)


I have already tested on multiple devices with firewall and all that could affect the speed off. Yes, it looks like there is no packet loss and fast ping. I have switched to hub one just now... it is the same as Asus 

I have added some stats from streaming some popular videos from youtube (Hub One) that I have captured just now.


I don't think setting up a bridge between Asus and HubOne makes any sense in this case (both are fast on stats, but feel very slow)...










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Re: New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup

and one of the most popular 4k video (link can not keep up...)




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Re: New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup

and this one runs for a longer period on HubOne - terrible frame loss. 

making 4k content unwatchable. This is also a popular video so should be optimized on the youtube side?

Just on the side note - during the youtube stream there were no other devices (laptop, phones or cast) connected to the HubOne...



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Re: New router/modem (Asus DSL-AC68VG) Fibre Broadband setup

RCA update I have solved the slow network/internet feel by disabling of the DoS on Asus Router.

Enable Firewall: YES

Enable DoS: NO


In my case enabled DoS symptoms were as above - all internet stats were great (DL, UL speed greatly, latency greater, no lost packets) but the pages were loading extremely slow...   (Taking that I have not the slowest but 70MDL 19UL fiber broadband).


After switching DoS off everything works as expected. For example, youtube video when opened defaults to highest available resolution. 

Thank you bill888 for your help!