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New member questions on Possible throttling

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New member questions on Possible throttling

Hi all, new member here but have been a Plusnet customer for several years. (Slightly long post so apologies).
Am a fibre (to cabinet) customer and understanding roughly how network providers work, I have managed my expectations somewhat. Our fibre speed is advertised as 30mb but understand this is highly dependent on the other big provider who sell some of their capacity to others so most days it's been around 20-30, no worries. We had the original access point and separate router and eventually ended up with a hub one.

Have always been satisfied with speeds and never noticed any major issues until recently -over the last 3 months I have noticed that devices will loose connection or stutter, specifically Netflix or YouTube.... Spotify just stops. Initially I thought the router WiFi was the issue and learned how to log in and change channels and reboot etc.

Wired connection also behaves the same and I'm almost certain that the dropout or slowdown happens whenever we watch Netflix in the evening? don't know exactly what is happening but either on the smart TV via wifi or on the pc via ethernet the video will start and then stutter and eventually stop frozen. I have discovered that when watching Netflix on the pc if the video stops and I open another window and run speed test- the video on Netflix will start playing!? Am I being throttled on the network?
I have also noticed that this only seems to happen in the evenings, my wife thinks I'm mad but I sort of proved the point this morning when I streamed Netflix on two different TVs in the house and Spotify on the stereo, and there were none of the issues mentioned, so assuming that streaming HD video at a certain time is the cause? I will add that when the slowdown occurs and I run a speed test my connection speed is still in the high 20s on a wired pc and on phones/tablets, any guidance would be much appreciated, thanks
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New member questions on Possible throttling

Hello @jimmytwos,

A warm welcome to the forums!


Just to start off we don't actually throttle our speeds nor have we ever iirc. I have ran a couple of tests over your service today just to see if there are any faults/things we should know - I can see a couple of drops in connection over the past couple of days, however, nothing that would cause the issues you've mentioned. You are also syncing at the low end of your estimates.

The next steps to getting this resolved is to place your connection into the test socket and monitor a connection from there for a couple of days.



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