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New fibre customer, No internet

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New fibre customer, No internet

Hi, my broadband was activated 9/8 and has never worked Sad IV been sent two engineers both saying nothing wrong with the line etc.

PN have said they've never had this issue before - according to them the router isn't sending messages, I tried connecting to the Hub One admin centre, when I put in username and password and click connect it just bounced back and says the site isn't secure.

PN are sending me a new router, however, working from home I kind of need the net asap! I have an old talk talk router, can I connect with that? I did look through the posts and tried connecting the way it said but that didn't work either, to be fair I'm probably just being a bit dim!

Any ideas from you guys would be much appreciated, just please remember I'm not all that clever 😂
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Re: New fibre customer, No internet

Your TalkTalk router is not compatible with Plusnet.

 Seems like both Openreach and Plusnet think you have line sync to the cabinet but can you confirm by connecting to the Hub One and use a web browser and go to

 Then navigate to Troubleshooting -> Help Desk.

'6. Data Rate' line should show your connection speed.

Also, look in Troubleshooting -> Event Log. Set Category to 'System'. 


Earlier when you tried to enter your plusnet username and password, did you specify your full Plusnet username?







Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New fibre customer, No internet

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're having problems with your broadband connection. The engineer notes indicate the router is faulty, can you let us know how it goes when you receive the replacement?



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