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New fiber install no faster than DSL

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New fiber install no faster than DSL

My upgrade to fiber was installed yesterday morning around 11 am.  I have done several tests on and my download speed is always around 5Mbps. The further testing did show that the line was capable of 73Mbps but I am stuck on 5. I have attempted to do the TAP3 test but whenever I connect using the speedtest@speedtest_domain username I cant seem to resolve the IP of the test site.
I am aware that plusnet states that the speed will settle over 10 days, but I believe this does not really apply so much to FTTC, and would normally start near the maximum speed and only drop down with many disconnects.
Please could someone have a look.
thanks in advance
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Re: New fiber install no faster than DSL

Nothing to do with a settling in period which doesn't apply to fibre anyway
All to do with the Current Line Speed here being out of date
looking at the calls waiting - a phone call to support asking for the Plusnet profile to be updated would be the quickest solution