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New Fibre installation - Out Of Sync and page comes up

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New Fibre installation - Out Of Sync and page comes up

My mother in law had a new FTTC installation on the 29th of January of Fibre Broadband unfortunately every time she connects she is gets the BT Wholesale page

She has been in touch with Customer Support who have told her that everything is working fine (details below) and that the problem is most likely with her equipment. I have gone through the set up process over the phone with her twice, checked with different microfilters, and the same page appears. She has told me that the router switches from an orange to a blue light every few minutes, to me that indicates that she is being disconnected every so often. She is also Out of Sync, what kind of problems would it cause her to be out of sync?

The only thing she hasn't tried AFAIK has been to try and check the test socket as she did not want to unscrew the socket.

An engineer is supposed to be visiting tomorrow but I would like to check if we have missed something before tomorrow, as she might be charged £65, she has been warned.

We have checked the username and password many times and they appear to be fine.



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New Fibre installation - Out Of Sync and page comes up

Apologies for the delayed response.

Feel free to PM me your mother-in-laws username if it's still not working.

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