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New FTTC service - unable to connect

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Registered: ‎18-03-2021

New FTTC service - unable to connect

Hi, I moved house recently, and the new service connection was confirmed on the 16th, along with a renewed contract.  The DSL light is a steady green on the BT OpenReach modem, and the Broadband light on the Technicolor TSG582n FTTC is a steady green, but the Internet light remains red.  The router reports that it is an authentication error.

I have made sure that the internet login details are correct, and the connection type is PPPoE.  Have even reset my password in the account management webpage at  Tried this with 3 different routers (the other two are Netgear routers), and 2 different OpenReach modems, leaving them trying for at least a couple of hours each.  Same results regardless of the combination.

I spoke to someone yesterday on the 0345 number, but they quoted 72hours for a resolution, which seems extreme!

Is there anything that can be done in the meantime?

Thank you.