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New Customer Poor Speed

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New Customer Poor Speed



As I understand it, the 10 day "training" period doesn't really apply to FTTC installs - I know my speed has been consistent since it went live 4 days ago. However, it's not as fast as it should be.


I'm on Fibre Extra, and the BT Wholesale predicted speeds of 69-80mb for my line before I ordered.


Here's what I'm seeing....


Whilst plugged into the test socket behind the faceplate on the master socket (not that I have any other extensions, but better safe than sorry).

6. Data rate: 8618 / 29742
7. Maximum data rate: 8746 / 30281
8. Noise margin: 6.1 / 6.8
9. Line attenuation: 16.9 / 15.1
10. Signal attenuation: 16.8 / 12.8

Master socket is about 6 years old, as it was replaced by Openreach when we moved into the property.

Now admittedly, under normal operation, I have a fairly long RJ11-RJ11 patch lead, which gives slightly higher attenuation results, but I'm prepared to accept that as "my problem", and all tests from this point forward have been reproduced with 2 different 1m RJ11-RJ11 patch leads, different microfilters, different ethernet cables and different laptops, all with the same results.


I've attached 2 files - the first is the standard BT Wholesale "Test2". The second is the "Test3", when you temporarily change the username on the router.



As you can see, nothing is getting anywhere near the predicted values. Can anyone help?



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Re: New Customer Poor Speed

raising a fault at would probably be your best place to start.

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Re: New Customer Poor Speed

Connection details:

Sync Status In Sync
Downstream Speed 29.6 Mbps
Upstream Speed 4.6 Mbps
Profile Name 0.128M-80M Downstream, Error Protection Off - 0.128M-20M Upstream, Error Protection Off



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Downstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Downstream Range(Mbps)

WBC FTTC Availability Date

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Left in Jumper

  High Low High Low        
VDSL Range A (Clean) 80 71.6 20 20 -- Available -- --


From that the issue is the sync speed, if you finish reporting the fault the team here will get that looked at.

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Re: New Customer Poor Speed



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