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New Customer 3 Days Connect SPeed Issue

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Registered: ‎24-09-2020

New Customer 3 Days Connect SPeed Issue

Hi all


First time with Plusnet, been with several other ISP's on fibre and had no issues from day 1.  But finding my speed has dropped compared to other services I have had. I have always had around the 58mb connection but after a few days on plus net I have been stuck at 49mb (hasnt changed at all), but my max attainable is 57 which should be what my actual line  should be from previous ISP's.  I have attached a photo of my modem stats, please ignore the up time as I had to move my router and has been 3 days so far.  The actual speed has not moved at all.  Its like the DLM isnt even doing anything and stuck.


Thanks for any advice.