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New Broadband user Speed is lower

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New Broadband user Speed is lower



I have just started with Plusnet. My account was activated today.


I have noticed that my speed is a lot slower.

I have the same copper to the house and the same equipment in the house as i am using my router.

My speed rating on the plusnet site is 78 mbps. but a tes from in house shows 58 mbps. my previous supplier was working at around 68 MBPS.


an suggestions on how to contact the support teams with making a call.


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Re: New Broadband user Speed is lower

@simonhaff  Welcome to the forum 

When your service was transferred the DLM would have been reset. Hopefully your speed will increase in the near future  as the DLM retunes to your line. Plusnet will not accept that there is a fault for the first 10 days at least.