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Never ending internet problem rant

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Registered: 04-08-2017

Never ending internet problem rant

We moved house end of summer last year and before hand Plusnet where the bees knees, no problem and amazing customer service. However...

Since we have moved we are having constant problem with out fibre broadband, we have to restart the hub at least 3-4 times a day (both wifi and ether).The thing that makes this worse has been the customer service-

1.We have had multiple conversations with different people trying the exact same solutions, even though you explain this has not worked before. 

2.Been referred to the faults team at least 3 times maybe more.

3.Had an engineer not turn up on an arranged day(after waiting in all day), to be told the next day the appointment had been cancelled.

4.Finally an engineer came out, told problem was fixed, but is not.

5.My last conversation with plusnet was just after the engineer had been and they called me when I was driving. I explained that the problem was still occuring but that I could not speak more as I was driving. The plusnet customer support member told me that they would email me some response. The email discarded my complaint that the problem had not been fixed and I quote


I can see that it is stable and the speed is operating within expected limits for the length of your line. I therefore conclude that this matter is resolved.

and that if there was any more problems the fault ticket would sat active for 14 days and to contact them


Sorry for rant the internet connection has just gone down again and I just wanted to vent!!!




Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Never ending internet problem rant

Hi @stuffys


Thanks for getting in touch - sorry to hear that this is dragging on.


I've asked one of my colleagues to take ownership of this issue and contact you regarding this today.


Let me know how you get on.


Best Wishes,



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 Dave G
 Plusnet Help Team