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Netflix Buffering

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Netflix Buffering

Anyone got any ideas as to how to check whether its Netflix or Plusnet that is causing me grief. Get 'cannot supply requested titles' with the odd buffering kicking in. Have tested the connection and it says I'm connected at 30mb/s and all the servers respond in a flash. If it's Netflix it might be time to pull it. Not much point paying for something that doesn't respond in a timely fashion. I might add Amazon Prime (on the same box) works fine, one reason I suspect it's Netflix itself rather then Plusnet causing the problem. 

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Re: Netflix Buffering

Your speed seems to be more than high enough to support Netflix, so I don't think it would be a problem with Plusnet unless your getting lag on other things such as BBC I player or when using the internet in general.


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Re: Netflix Buffering

This is happening to me as well. My TV is hard wired through power line adapters and Netflix buffers all the time (Samsung 4000 series Smart TV). Also happening on Netflix on my Amazon Fire stick.

All other catch-up services work fine and even Amazon Prime.

I've also checked the internet speed and it's fine.

As it's only recent I'm wondering whether it is a Netflix problem.
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Re: Netflix Buffering

I get this but only on the Netflix app on my smart TV (JVC), using it via my browser or XBOX is fine.

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