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Need an engineer or downgrade plan

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Need an engineer or downgrade plan

Not sure if any CS staff look at the forums any more but here goes.

My elderly parents upgraded to broadband nearly two years ago. The speed started off at around 21mb but has been steadily dropping every since. An openreach engineer came out last year and changed the master socket but he said it was unlikely to help, which it didn't. I suspect the problems are more likely to be the 300 metres of old overhead lines to the green cabinet - there is a lot of noise on the lounge when I run a "quiet test ".
Earlier this year the speed has struggled to get above 10mb, and in recent months it has been around 3mb. I've tried on numerous occasions to contact customer services but keep getting a canned response that they are prioritising customers with no service. Getting through on the telephone is a dead loss.
This had gone on long enough now. How can I arrange for an engineer visit, or failing that downgrade the plan, as my parents are not getting a service that they are paying for. The "guaranteed minimum" speed when my parents signed up was 17mb.
As a last resort its there a way to switch to a new isp without involving plusnet CS?
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Re: Need an engineer or downgrade plan

I too am not getting the minimum guaranteed speeds,i have a fault ticket open awaiting responses,have had an engineer out too but did not help at all as speed still below promised levels.


Ofcom law states that your provider has 30 days after your initial report of a speed fault to fix it and get you up to the minimum speeds promised in your contract,if they cannot do that then you can leave said contract with no termination fees.


I am just waiting for the 30 days to be up and  will give zen broadband a go.

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Re: Need an engineer or downgrade plan

If there's noise on the line raise a fault at
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Re: Need an engineer or downgrade plan

Their fault reporter has never worked for me. It always comes up with:

Broadband Troubleshooter - Error

There's been a problem

We're sorry, but you can't use the Broadband Troubleshooter to report a fault on your service. Please contact our Support Team for help.

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Re: Need an engineer or downgrade plan

Hi @tall_andy 

If your parents are no longer the contract minimum term period, then there is no need to contract PN to transfer to another ISP. In fact doing so will probably cause problems when moving to a new ISP.

Switching ISP's is now "Gaining Provider Led" -so the new ISP will manage the migration.

Your parents should receive an e-mail from PN along the lines "Sorry you are leaving...."

If your parents are in a contract with a minimum term, PN will charge a termination fee.

If PN are contacted to stop BB provision on or before the date of the change over, this will likely cause a "cease order" to be placed on the line, which will prevent the transfer...   


Any line fault will transfer with them though.

However, I assume you are wanting to transfer to an ISP who are easier to contact to get the line issue resolved!