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NTE5 master socket and a vdsl filtered face plate

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NTE5 master socket and a vdsl filtered face plate

Do Plusnet /BT provide the above for a new Fibre installation as i think the reason or my slow speeds is because of the old master socket.When i received package from Plusnet all that was in the box was the router.I think Plusnet/BT should at least provide a suitable NTE5 master socket and a  vdsl filtered face plate as without these the router speeds are just not going to be at its optimum.The master socket that is in situ at the moment is a very old socket.
I think this is the basis of all my problems.

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Re: NTE5 master socket and a vdsl filtered face plate

Hello there. We used to arrange fibre provision engineers to provide an NTE5/prefiltered faceplate and an Openreach modem for fibre installations, however we've introduced a self install process now that we have our own modem router.

This new process has its benefits, but it does come with the draw back that we wouldn't be able to provide you with a new master socket, sadly. Sad

We can still investigate your fault, you can report it to us at however if we arrange a fault engineer to visit your property it does come with a risk of a callout charge should the fault be the socket/your wiring.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: NTE5 master socket and a vdsl filtered face plate

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Re: NTE5 master socket and a vdsl filtered face plate

why but that monstrosity when you can easily pick up an actual BT BTE5 filtered faceplate
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Re: NTE5 master socket and a vdsl filtered face plate

If you don't have an NTE5 master socket, you can't fit any filtered faceplate to it, you'd need to replace the master socket with an NTE5 first.

It's not necessarily a particularly good time to do it, because Openreach now have the new NTE5c master socket, but only the existing NTE5a type is widely available to buy yourself. Not that there's anything wrong with the existing NTE5a, but it seems a shame to newly install something that's not the latest.

It might not be the type of master socket itself that's the problem. If you only have one telephone socket, it probably won't make much difference. But if you have more than one telephone socket, and they are connected to the incoming line at some junction box before the master socket, then that would be a problem (known as "star wiring"), that only replacing the master socket itself wouldn't fix.

The advantage of a modern master socket and filtered faceplate is that it can filter off all the extension wiring that is connected to the filtered faceplate.