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My experience moving from BT to Plusnet

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My experience moving from BT to Plusnet

My experience joining Plusnet

I was getting a rubbish service from BT with slow fibre broadband speeds down to 1mb when paying for up to 56mb. This was never fixed properly and when the speed was reset it soon fell back to dial up speeds (over several years). I thought it's time for a change as BT were increasing my payments unless I signed up for another 18 month contract (which would have saved me £2.50 a month). Being fed up with speaking to Indian call centres and having seen the Plusnet add using British call centres with English people only here to help (NO PROBLEM) I decided this would be a good move. They hype says you need to do nothing other than sign up with us and we'll do the rest informing BT you wish to leave and move. I thought GREAT!! 

I was offered some dates for the change over which I selected the 18th December. Having finished the application and paying my money I sat back looking forward to my new broadband and phone service. i even got an email from BT the same evening saying they were sorry I was leaving and my contract with them would cease on the 18th Dec. I did get messages from Plusnet to say my order was being processed and they would contact me with further progress along the way. We got closer and closer to the 18th and still no word or any new equipment for me to plug in. The 18th came and went and nothing happened. I made contact via this forum as i was concerned i would lose my broadband and be left high and dry with no phone or broadband. I was told there was a problem and my order had been placed but was stuck in the system. However I was assured that my current connection would remain until the problem was sorted. WRONG!!!! 

I got a message from BT yesterday saying my contract had now been terminated and they would be preparing my final bill. In line with their message my broadband connection went midday yesterday although I do seem to be able to receive incoming calls (don't know about making calls and how these would be charged for so not trying that). I was told yesterday that enquiries into my new connection with Plusnet are on hold until the 28th December which now leaves me with no phone or broadband service all over Christmas and at this rate well into the new year. There will probably be a hold on my phone line now so I can't even try to go to another supplier. 

I have learnt a lesson, don't always believe what you hear in a flashy adverts on the telly. What is being advertised sounds perfect when in reality all is not what it seems. I am keeping rather calm about this as I do not want it to spoil my Christmas celebrations. Good job I'm not using Sky services otherwise it might be a different story.


If i'm honest I do regret my decision at the moment to have made this move so close to Christmas but I am not convinced the experience would have been much better at any other time of the year. I resigned myself to the fact this is not going to be a quick fix but I do feel there ought to be some form of recompense/compensation from Plusnet. Watch this space I am hoping for some response from a Plusnet employee.


By the way I am writing this at work due to my lack of broadband connection.


Happy Christmas everyone.


I will just add, how am I supposed to check my email for updates over the Christmas with no internet connection? Plusnet you should have my mobile number on record.

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Re: My experience moving from BT to Plusnet

Also recently moved from BT to Plusnet, same/similar rubbish broadband speeds as yourself and abysmal off-shore support, and most recent price increases sounded like a good opportunity to try another provider!! My migration/move however went a lot better than yours, and everything completed as planned on the scheduled dates (although Fibre broadband is only connecting at 2Mbps, but that's a separate problem!!). No broadband over the Xmas holidays is never going to be good, and I hope you get something sorted here.

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Re: My experience moving from BT to Plusnet

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