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Moving modem and router

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Registered: ‎16-09-2015

Moving modem and router

I have just started with both plusnet and fibre. My old ADSL modem and router was situated in my office and this is where my only wired connection would be and is in the centre of my property (including the garden) so as a source of wifi it is a good location. Ideally I want to have the router in my office and not beside the master socket where it is at the moment.
I think I have two options. One is to buy a combined modem and router and put it in my office and to run a phone line wire from the office to the master socket or to keep the modem supplied beside the master socket and instead run an Ethernet cable to the office to a new stand along router.
Any thoughts on which is the best option. The phone cable looks thinner and so would be easier to put under the carpet! Is there are maximum length? Is it a special phone line cable or Ethernet cable?
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Re: Moving modem and router

i bought a vdsl extension kit from here ,comes with instructions