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Moving From FTTH to FTTC

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Moving From FTTH to FTTC

I will be moving home soon and at the moment I am on the FTTH trial, I am currently using the Netgear R7000 Router that just plugs straight in to the BT FTTH supplied modem.

The problem is when I move I will have to switch to FTTC. Will I be able to use my R7000 with FTTC and if so will I need to get a new modem (As the R7000 is a router only, With no modem built in).

I am unfamiliar with the FTTC setup but I believe the equipment used is different to FTTH, Is this right?Huh

If I need to get a modem to work with the R7000 has anyone got any recommendations?

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Re: Moving From FTTH to FTTC

I don't believe it's any different hardware wise in the home, FTTC is fibre to the cab where ever in your area it would be and then bog standard copper or aluminium phone line to the property, FTTH is fibre all the way to the property that's the only difference i'm aware of the router and modem etc would be the same unless someone knows different .

So i don't see how you couldn't just take what your currently using and apply it to your new home, I don't think Openreach would ask for he modem back but maybe best asking confirmation from plusnet about that.   

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Re: Moving From FTTH to FTTC

FTTH has a totally different "modem" (ONT) which actually has a socket for a fibre optic cable rather than a socket for the metal wires of a telephone line. The FTTH ONT can't be used for FTTC, it's not a VDSL2 modem.

I expect the ONT should be left for the next inhabitants of the property you're vacating.

You could get an Openreach FTTC modem somewhere like ebay, or buy a low-end VDSL2 modem/router and configure it as a bridged modem to use with your existing router.

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Re: Moving From FTTH to FTTC

The FTTH Modem is NOT compatible with FTTC. For FTTH, the modem has a fibre optic only input, the fibre cable goes into the modem and there are no other inputs. 


So you will need a VDSL2 modem if you wish to use your existing router when you move to the property with FTTC.


Yours an FTTH Plusnet Trial user.



Edit for a PS, Yes it's really called an ONT or  Optical Network Terminal, but easier to think of it as a modem to keep things simple if not technically correct.

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Re: Moving From FTTH to FTTC

Thanks for the replies guys, I had pretty much figured that the FTTH modem (ONT) would not work with FTTC and I believe it actually belongs to BT and forms part of the FTTH installation and should NOT be removed.

Therefore can anyone recommend a decent  VDSL2 modem that will work with my R7000 ?

Or is it possible to connect the R7000 to the PlusNet equipment in some way or would this be too messy?