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Moved to Fibre now slow sync than ADSL. Advice please.

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Moved to Fibre now slow sync than ADSL. Advice please.

Been Plusnet customer for years. Have been on ADSL, and never had any wiring or connectivity issues, in all my time.

Have the Plusnet Hub One since it came out, used it for the ADSL.

Currently Plusnet Hub One | Software version | Last updated 04/08/17

Looking back in the routers logs for WAN category, it showed 


ETHoA is up -​ VPI: 0, VCI: 35 Down Rate=16365Kbps, Up Rate=1131Kbps; SNR Margin Down=3.2dB, Up=6.5dB
ATM over DSL is up

My sync speed was constantly at these rates for ADSL.


Just nearly 2 weeks ago I swooned to move to Fibre (VDSL)  on 31st Jan

I was estimated between 25Mb and 36Mb

I expected a small uplift beyond my existing 16Mb connection speed for download based on this estimation - at least into the low to mid 20Mb range.

With the Hub One already in place, nothing need doing.

I got email on 9th Feb to say my order had completed the move to Fibre.

I checked my WAN logs and sure enough, the change must have been made as I saw that now


WAN operating mode is VDSL

However, since that day I have never sync connected anything higher than 12Mb for the download.

Upload HAS shifted from 1Mb to 4Mb. Download has gone the other way!!!

PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=11969Kbps, Up Rate=4863Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.2dB, Up=6.0dB

I have not changed any wiring/config in preparation for the fibre change. No need - had the Hub One.

What has changed noticably is the increase in SNR Margin Down - its twice the amount on VDSL compared to ADSL.



Hub One has been rebooted a couple of time over the last few days. 

Swapped the Hub One out for a Netgear DSM200 VDSL modem - it did not make a bit of difference - VDSL sync speeds the same. Back onto the Hub One again.

Any advice or where to take this please. As I am considering maybe just rolling back to ADSL if I am not going to improve the connection speed AND pay more each month for the privilege.



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Re: Moved to Fibre now slow sync than ADSL. Advice please.

It's quite possible that Plusnet have not fully activated your new fibre product.  Give them a call on Chat and get them to check.

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Re: Moved to Fibre now slow sync than ADSL. Advice please.

I've got the same/similar problem, and since moving to fibre broadband product I've never synced at anything better than 2Mbps (yes, that's not a typo, and it is only 2Mbps!), and my VDSL speed is probably marginally worse than previous BT ADSL product (although to be fair, fibre product has proven to be much more stable, so far). VDSL speed is much more susceptible to distance form the cabinet than ADSL, and if you're more than a couple of hundred metres from the FTTC cabinet this might be why VDSL is no better (or in your case, much worse!) than your previous ADSL?

It's certainly worthwhile raising this as a fault as you are not within your 25Mb/36Mb speed estimates (and I wish you more success than I've had so far, but that's another saga!)

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Re: Moved to Fibre now slow sync than ADSL. Advice please.

@gsha Your problem is not the same so you are only confusing matters. Your line sync is low and that is the source of your slow speed. @fudge is in sync at a faster speed than he can use, suggesting that it is being constricted, probably by Plusnet failing to make adjustments at their end, hence the advice from @MauriceC to contact Plusnet..

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Re: Moved to Fibre now slow sync than ADSL. Advice please.

Thanks for the push to chat with support.


They did some brief checks and they reported a line fault, and posted to OpenReach.


Fault report was sent to me as:


Fault Type:TIME-OUT - Check Exchange Line Card Circuit
Test Results:Timed Out - Fault located at exchange (Openreach side of MDF)


Engineer scheduled to look at it 15th Feb 2018.



Will report back what the outcome is.


Thanks all.