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Mobile Fibre Broadband!

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Mobile Fibre Broadband!

For the past 3 months now I have been having slow net and at some points I am batter off when I get suspended dew to a late payment as plus net has not pulled there finger out to make customers pick there billing date....
It all ways happens when I am sat on the 31......... IPs the 81.... IPs are fine, I also have a ticket open as you could not test my line to find the fault.. Hell I buffer so much I use my mobile to watch things as its more faster and its only 3G.
You also have a problem with ping with in your network as the ping is never steady so I do not get a steady speed.

Man up and suck it in and deal with your problems.
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Re: Mobile Fibre Broadband!

I appreciate you've mentioned having this problem for a few months, however unless you tell us you're having issues there's nothing we can do to help. I can see that you reported a fault to us a couple of days ago, so we'll get that picked up and tested.
Are you connected via a wired or wireless connection? What speeds are you getting when you're having the problems?
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