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Mis-provisioned or Banding Issue

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Mis-provisioned or Banding Issue

I have been a customer of Plusnet for 23 months and having unlimited fibre extra (FTTC).

I have never managed to get anything close to the guaranteed download speed of 35.1MB.  Its been 22MB at best.   Most recently stuck at 12MB. Right now its about 8MB/S.  I am apparently 800 - 900m from the cabinet.

I was sort of putting up with 22MB, but it's gone beyond a joke now at 8 or 12MB/S

I raised an issue 1.5 weeks ago, and told nothing looked wrong, could be a line issue... but is not showing up.   Might need to escalate to Open Reach.

I luckily found a friendly Open Reach engineer who ran some tests for me from my Master Socket..  It tested as FTTC Provision.  In Sync no session.  His view was it was likely mis-provisioned and set up wrongly, seen this before.  words like Fibre Port needs to be re-built... needs a lift and shift, and other strange words.

I spoke to Plusnet today and they have said its a banding issue.  So different to what Open Reach said.

When I asked what banding was,  the answer was it's set to the wrong profile....   Reading some of the boards, this does not look like this is the correct explanation, but I could be wrong.

It's apparently going to take 7-10 days to fix.

So is this banding, mis-provisioned for 23 months, or something else that I don't understand ?

Can anyone shine any light on what might be going on here ?




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Re: Mis-provisioned or Banding Issue

@adrianb100  Welcome to the forums

It could be banding, or a line issue or internal wiring issue. Are the speeds you quoting via Wi-Fi or a wired (ethernet) connection to the router. If Wi-Fi, then its outside PlusNet's control since it depends on all the other Wi-Fi devices nearby having an impact.

Have you done all the broadband trouble shooting guide etc.?

Open reach would do any regrades of the service you purchased from PlusNet, they would  ask Openreach to do the work.

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Re: Mis-provisioned or Banding Issue

What results do you get when you put your phone number in here?
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Re: Mis-provisioned or Banding Issue

it's not an internal wiring issue, The BT Openreach engineer confirmed this.

I have tested it wired to the Plusnet Router.

BT Openreach have shown me the issue on their tester.  Plusnet have already confirmed its an issue and needs to be configured differently.   

What I am not clear on is whether is banded or configured wrongly and whats the difference

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Re: Mis-provisioned or Banding Issue

eatured Products Downstream Line Rate(Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Handback
WBC FTTC Availability Date WBC SOGEA Availability Date Left in Jumper
High Low High Low        
VDSL Range A (Clean)  50.2 35 8.3 6.3 32.4 Available Available --
VDSL Range B (Impacted)  49.1 32.4 8.2 6 25 Available Available --
Featured Products Downstream Line Rate(Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range (Mbps) Availability Date FTTP Install Process
FTTP on Demand 330 30 -- Available --
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ADSL Max Up to 6 -- 5 to 7 Available Available --
WBC Fixed Rate 2 -- -- Available Available --
Fixed Rate 2 -- -- Available -- --
Observed Speeds VDSL
Max Observed Downstream Speed 19.99
Max Observed Upstream Speed 6.79
Observed Date 2020-06-30
Other Offerings Availability Date
VDSL Multicast Available
ADSL Multicast Available
Premise Environment Status
Bridge Tap U
NTE FacePlate N
Last Test Date 18-11-2020
Exchange Product Restrictions Status
FTTP Priority Exchange N
WLR Withdrawal N
SOADSL Restriction Y
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Mis-provisioned or Banding Issue

Hi @adrianb100,


Thanks for getting in touch and apologies with the issue you have described, I appreciate this has caused you concern.


I can see you have a dedicated case handler looking after this for you. He will continue keeping you updated of any developments and you can address any concerns to him here.


Thanks - LF

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  Tahir M
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Re: Mis-provisioned or Banding Issue


I appreciate this feedback, however  as this is a community group, I wanted to get some input from the group as I still don't understand if this is a banding issue or mis-provisioning issue.

I have read on this community group, that banding is where there might have been a line fault and then the circuit gets banded which caps the bandwidth (temporarily).   

However Plusnet are telling me (as is Open Reach) that this is a profile issue.

Additionally Plusnet are saying that banding is when the profile is set wrongly and I they have to wait around 7 - 10 days to get this fixed.   

So my question to the community still remains,  whats the difference here between profile configuration set wrongly and banding?  if any ?   As I genuinely don't know and therefore what the issues is.   Also if a line is banded, does it really take 7 - 10 days to get this fixed usually.

@plusnet Help Team,  if you see my ticket commentary, you will understand why I am asking this question.