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Minimum guaranteed speed 31.8 Mb

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Minimum guaranteed speed 31.8 Mb

I signed up with Plusnet and on day one noticed that broadband was very slow. I phoned up and spoke to some one who told me that it is up and down for the first 10 days! At times the broadband is so slow that my girlfriend has no longer been able to work from home but  has had to go in to the office. I did speak to a helpful guy who got me to reset the router and he said broadband should get quicker!

Our 10 day period is up, our broadband is still really slow, so I have just done a speed test and it is 21.07 Mbps ! I was promised a minimum guaranteed speed 31.8 Mbps!

It takes me over half an hour to get through on the phone, I want my broadband working up to speed or to cancel my contract how do I go about it?



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Re: Minimum guaranteed speed 31.8 Mb

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Re: [REPORTED] By: Justin4 / Board: Broadband (341292)

I'm assuming that the 14 days cooling off period has now expired because you were made to wait 10 days for your line to settle at the minimum speed which it hasn't it has set to a poor speed.

What you will have to do is raise it as a fault with Plusnet and give them the chance to fix what ever it is that is causing the speed issue. If your speed is not brought to the speed you was quoted before signing up Plusnet legally would have to let you leave for free.

Run some speed test using a wire connection using BT wholesale speed test. I'd do about 3. 1 in am then pm and evening and with every test use the diagnostics option enter your home phone number and the results will be viewable by tech support.

These will be your proof that Plusnet have failed to deliver.
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Re: Minimum guaranteed speed 31.8 Mb

Hi Did you do the speed test wirelessly? Try wired Speed test,

And yes plusnet promises a lot but hardly deliver 😊

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Re: Minimum guaranteed speed 31.8 Mb

Thanks for the reply’s!

Yes the whole 14 day cooling off period is behind me as  they said it takes 14 days I  for my broadband to settle, how convenient! You don’t know how bad your broadband is going to be until it’s too late.


So I rang Plusnet yesterday it took over half an hour to get through again, a lady really tried to help me by patiently taking me through the steps to change the Chanel on my router. Straight away I could tell that my really slow broadband had got even worse! I was told that I needed to leave it for a couple of hours! Of course it never got any better.

I have just done a wireless speed test next to the router it is 26.84 MP on the BT wholesale test.  I then dug out an Ethernet cable from the garage and did a wired connection on a laptop using the BT wholesale test. I have no idea why but the test never finishes, the rocket never quite flys 😩 I’m stuck trying to prove my broadband is rubbish to leave Plusnet and feeling resentful about anytime longer I spend on this problem. Does anyone know how much I will lose by just ending my contract so I can get proper broadband once again?