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Message for Lisa hardie head of customer services.

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Message for Lisa hardie head of customer services.

Lisa Hardie - head of customer service. if you actually exist then you need to take a long hard look at your service levels.
I don’t know why I’m even bothering with this - if it’s anything like any other plusnet ‘support’ then No one will read it or respond.
Plusnet customer service is shockingly [-Censored-]
I’ve even resorted to twitter with some disparaging comments to try and get a reaction with no response beyond ‘let me have your user name and I’ll look into the problem’ which I provided on 16 August and have heard nothing since. I’m staggered that you think you can treat your customers with such apathy.
My broadband hasn’t worked since installed. We should be getting 28+ mb and we’re getting about 1. I’ve tried reporting the problem online - you sent me a video link and closed the issue
I’ve spoken to various apathetic staff and was promised a call back 3 weeks ago - still nothing.
At present my router is plugged into the bt test socket meaning our monitored alarm and phone extension doesn’t work - necessary for testing purposes apparently. You will monitor then be in touch after 5 days. That was over 2 weeks ago And.....Nothing.
I can’t reply to your standard emails and attempts to do so guide me to your hopelessly [-Censored-] online fault reporting process. Presumably so I can report a fault that you can then close without any action! Unbelievable.
I can only assume you don’t want my custom so let me out of the contract so that I can move to someone who actually gives a s**t. Plusnet we’ll do you proud. My ar$e.
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Re: Message for Lisa hardie head of customer services.

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