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Maximum line speeds is gradually degrading

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Maximum line speeds is gradually degrading

My maximum line speed (data rate), as reported by the Hub One "Helpdesk" page has gradually been dropping from about 26/78 six months ago to 19/41 now, which suggests that perhaps the line is slowly going bad.

It hasn't affected my measured throughput (yet) because I'm on the 40/2 package and I'm still getting 1.9 up, 37 down, no problem. but it has now dropped below the Downstream Handback Threshold which for my line is 48Mbps.

I'm wondering - is it worth reporting this as an incipient fault now or do I need to wait until it degrades further and actually starts to impact on my measured throughput? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Re: Maximum line speeds is gradually degrading

You can't raise a fault for getting the maximum out of your package...
Stop looking at your router until your performance is not meeting the required standards