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Max IP Profile?

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Max IP Profile?

I am lucky when it comes to speeds in that I achieve higher than the estimated speeds
I am curious what is the maximum IP profile that can be applied to a line?
If you look at the attached images, on the Openreach ADSL checker it states that at best my speed would be 77.6, versus 57.9 as a low, there are impacted speeds I know.  My particular focus is on the top 77.6 speed, that seems to be the same as the IP profile speed seen in the BT Speedtest attached.
What I am trying to find out is what is the max IP profile on a line of my kind?  It has always synced 79994 prior to my move to Plusnet then (from BT), it then syncing around 79545 (although the IP profile was 75Mbps )till this weekend going up to 79999.
Maybe I am going the long around things here, what I am asking is does the IP profile go higher that it is listed on the wholesale speedchecker?
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Re: Max IP Profile?

Very simple answer
The speed checker is completely irrelevant with respect to the IP profile
The line goes as fast as it can and the IP profile is calculated from the actual sync speed (about 0.968 of sync speed on fibre)