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Master Socket

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Master Socket

Fibre has recently become available in my area and I am considering upgrading to the Unlimited Fibre Extra package.
The problem is going to be my master socket!
My situation is this.
The master socket is in the lounge with nothing plugged into it.
There are two extensions running from this socket. Both go back out of the wall, up the side of the house and then along the front of the house passing two largish rooms before one entering an upstairs bedroom where an auto dialler from our house alarm is connected via a micro filter.
The other extension carries on enters a loft space above a single storey study and then drops down inside to a socket where my router is connected.
As I understand it, if I upgrade to Fibre, Openreach replace my master socket with a new filtered one that the Openreach modem needs to be plugged into. This will obviously be in the wrong place for me.
As I see it I have two options.
Either a data extension cable which will follow the same route of the telephone extension to the study (using its own cable) so I can plug the modem in where it is needed. Will the Openreach engineers be happy to do this or not? The total length of the data cable in my estimation will be less than 100m.
The other option and the one I prefer is to move the master socket (I understand at my own expense) to the study and run the extension back to the alarm socket from there. I would be happy to loose the current master socket in the lounge as it is never used. If this is the better option can I book the moving of the master socket to happen on the same day I upgrade to fibre?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Master Socket

My advice here would be to run a long ethernet cable or another way around this could be to use powerline adapters as they're easier to install and can be a lot tidier in my opinion (assuming the two floors are on the same power circuit).
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