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Master Socket Advice

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Master Socket Advice



I could use some advice, our master socket is sandwiched between two plug sockets and a doorway, and I was wondering if this could be detrimental to my internet connection. We have got a toddler and crazy spaniel running round the house, which leads to a lot of slammed doors, and I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but a slammed door often leads to a loss in connection and lower resync. speed. As you can see from the picture below we are in the middle of decorating and I though I might take the opportunity to have the master socket moved. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I think I have 3 options:


1) I do it myself, I am quite handy but I'm not sure it's worth making a mistake, then having to fork out to fix it.

2) I go down the Openreach route via Plusnet, for the whopping sum of around £130 ex VAT I believe.


3) I try and get it done cheaper through a 3rd party ex-BT telephone engineer, several of which are advertised on yell.


Any help appreciated!



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Re: Master Socket Advice

Very unlikely that a slammed door could do this.

Does the router get dislodged when the door is slammed?

Have you considered a door closer that prevents slammed doors - got to be cheaper!

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Re: Master Socket Advice


I’m afraid that I disagree with @VileReynard . These latest 5C master sockets with the clip on front section have a reputation for being temperamental. I would get an ex BT technician to move it and probably fit the older type with the front secured by two screws fitted instead at the same time.

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Re: Master Socket Advice

@VileReynard wrote:

Very unlikely that a slammed door could do this.



I agree have checked the incoming connections inside the Master Socket making sure they are tight you will have to remove the cover 

Also are the two out going leads a tight connection ?



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Re: Master Socket Advice

Hi @Anonymous 

As @Baldrick1 says the 5C master socket is the worst and speaking from experience of them it could cause connection issues.

At my last house I removed the front cover and connected a microfilter directly into the test socket, not really an option for you due to the position of the 5C being next to a door. I found any vibration would cause the DSL line to drop and crackling on the phone line. To test the stability of the connection perform a quiet line test. Phone 17070 select option two. While the call is in progress tap the front cover with your fingers between the Modem and Phone sockets, if you get crackling then you have an issue. I found even wiggling the cables in the sockets caused noise on the line. Even in my new house I get occasion DSL drops caused by the 5C and poor connections.

Hope this helps



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Re: Master Socket Advice

I cannot understand why Openreach are fitting such an ugly looking socket that sticks out over an inch

Must be because they cheap and therefore rubbish



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Re: Master Socket Advice

Yep, you have the CP to blame for this.


You see, when advisors for plusnet, BT, Sky etc ask a customer to remove the front plate of a master socket to isolate extensions; You get replies such as...


"I'm NoT aN eLeCtRiCiAn"

"WhY sHoUlD i RiSk ShOcKiNg MySeLf"


So Openreach decided to hold everyone's hands, and said "Lets make access to the test socket quick and easy.  Besides the SSFP doesn't actually protrude "that" much compared to the old SSFP that used to be fitted.