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Massive packet loss in peak times

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Registered: ‎16-11-2017

Massive packet loss in peak times

In the last few weeks I have been experiencing packet loss and disconnections during early evening peak hours. I noticed it at first on my PS4 but just assumed that it was PSN being rubbish. I was constantly being kicked out of chat parties etc but thought nothing of it. I have used two different routers plusnet official and a third party setup which is my default. I have been finding that under light usage there is a small amount of packet loss but then if i stress the connection by opening steam or starting a large file download the connection drops for around 5 - 10 seconds and then picks back up and the router shows a disconnection. I thought that the line might adjust if i just left it without a router reset etc because I know that this sort of thing is adjusted automatically but to no avail. I have reset and swapped out the router to the official one thinking maybe mine was developing a fault but this was not the case.


The only way I can currently download large files without breaking my connection is to use a VPN connection where my bandwidth is limited to around 1/4 of my broadband speed. Is it possible for someone to look at my line profile and see what settings are being applied. My router shows a sync of 79.8 which seems a little high.


If you need any further info please let me know, I work in IT so the info you require wont be hard to generate. I created a ping graph last night but it wont have that much information on it at the moment. I am going to start a free to play game download on steam to simulate the problem that I am seeing which should hopefully reflect in the graph.


Current Graph





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