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MASSIVE Packet Loss.

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MASSIVE Packet Loss.

Hello everyone, for the past 5 days I've been experiencing huge packet loss issues with my connection. The connection is fine and perfect and then it'll just out for a brief period of time. It's only really 100% noticeable whilst playing online games, using VOIP and streaming videos but it makes using them impossible. I've spoken to PlusNet support and they seem stumped, it's fine on their end and they've told me. 

However from this ping monitor there's clearly an issue:


I'll be contacting customer service again to get this issue sorted but i was hoping if any of you people could offer some advice to help me, thanks.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: MASSIVE Packet Loss.

The ping graph you've attached shows that your router isn't responding to ping requests.

If you're using one of our routers a ping graph won't work as the majority of our routers don't respond to ping requests.

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: MASSIVE Packet Loss.

jelv (a.k.a Spoon Whittler)
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Re: MASSIVE Packet Loss.

I too have been having packet loss issues while gaming. (my thread: )
I contacted plusnet yesterday and after looking at the ping plotter trace they admitted it was an internal problem, and well of course it is an internal issue. There are so many people complaining about it at the moment.

So now i am waiting for a responce to my thread as he said he would get someone to look at the problem shown and reply.

(And i saved the transcrip of the conversation so i can prove they admitted it was an internal issue)

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: MASSIVE Packet Loss.

Might be worth having a read of Bob's post here:

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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff