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Low upload speeds

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Registered: 23-07-2016

Low upload speeds

Am currently experiencing 31mbs download but only 2.21mbs upload.

Should it be this low? I've recently found online gaming to be somewhat problematic
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Re: Low upload speeds

The odds are that you are on Fibre not Fibre Extra and for that the speeds are up to 40/2

It shouldn't affect gaming at all

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Re: Low upload speeds

Are you using WiFi or cable to the router?

What model of router and what devices for the gaming?

What gaming servers are you using?


Do it happen at certain times only (8pm-10pm for example)? 

As @OldjimOldjim says, the speed shouldn't be the issue (assuming that the line isn't being used by lots of people at the same time)

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Re: Low upload speeds

@Oldjim and @SpendLessTime are correct, the upload speeds on your package are up to 1.9Mb/s so I wouldn't expect to see anything higher than you're currently getting. That should still be enough to game without any issues unless your trying to stream your games online.

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 Chris Parr
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Re: Low upload speeds

I'll have a look to make sure nothing else is feeding off the wifi, I always notice it gaming in the evening on the ps4, stutters occasionally and it displays a low connection speed message on the screen. Thanks for the info though people!
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Re: Low upload speeds

Sorry if monotonous, but why don't Plusnet make the basic package 50/10 as BT seem to be? Cost effective and useful. If losing revenue of 80/20 package is the fear why not make the Extra package truly Extra, and have enhanced support as a feature? How many would pay a small amount more if included was quicker support response? Make 80/20 a premium package, throw in a few features for good measure, and it will sell, I'm sure. For those on tighter budgets 50/10 is pretty damn good in itself.

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Re: Low upload speeds

danludlow wrote:

..., throw in a few features for good measure, ...

You mean like PlusNet used to be a few years ago?