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Low sync/line speed

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Low sync/line speed

I opened a ticket a few weeks ago and after an engineer visit resulted in aboslutely nothing (Like i said it would) - No issues on my end or no hardware problems. - @MatthewWheeler checked yesterday and found that my sync speed needed to be re-raised but didn't follow up the ticket. I sent a tweet to ask for it to be followed up and now the person on the ticket is completely disregarding what Matthew wrote. Question ID - #134099944


I'd like to know if someone could re-raise my line speed back to what It was previously.


I used to recieve 27.5-29 Mbps before I had to purchase a static IP to avoid the new network problems

My line speed is 26 atm and I recieve below my estimates.



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Re: Low sync/line speed

Your line is syncing at 27.4Mb/s, the low end of your estimate is 27.4Mb/s. I appreciate that the throughput you're seeing is below this, but the estimates are based on the sync speed (the speed your router negotiates with the cab/exchange).


Unfortunately if we were to raise this as a fault, it would either get rejected straight away, or if it got to needing an engineer visit, you'd be charged £65 as there is no fault on the service.


I'm sorry to be so blunt, but as your line is synced within estimates, we can't pursue this as a fault.

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Re: Low sync/line speed

fwiw, is your router using a microfilter plugged into a telephone 'extension' socket, or is it perhaps wired to an Openreach VDSL filtered face plate fitted to the BT master socket?

You may be able to eek a bit more speed out of the line if you use a filtered Master socket.