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Low speed and frequent loss of sync

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Low speed and frequent loss of sync

I've moved house and upgraded the service there from ADSL to Unlimited Fibre. The fibre service has been active since 15th Nov.


We are no more than 200m from the fibre cabinet and Plusnet's product change email says:

"Estimated speed 38Mbps to 40Mbps. Your actual speed will vary but should be within the estimated range."


My actual speed started at about 6Mbps and increased over the next few days to around 9Mbps, where it has since remained.


The BT Speedtest gives:

Download speed 9.28Mbps
Upload speed: 1.84Mbps
Ping latency: 24.88ms

IP Profile for your line is 9.67Mbps
Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is 2Mbps


The Plusnet portal says:

Estimated line speed:
80Mb (This may vary between 75.4Mb and 80Mb) - Checked on 2016-11-17 15:30:46

Current line speed: 10.7 Mb

As well as having a lower than expected speed, the modem loses sync several times a day.


The property has an NTE5 master socket with an unfiltered faceplate.

The above speed test were conducted with the modem (plus microfilter) plugged into an extension phone socket.

If I plug the modem and the microfilter directly into the master socket then it doesn't achieve sync at all! The modem light remains orange and the 'b' symbol lights up. This is the case whether it is plugged into the faceplate socket or into the NTE5's internal socket.

The property has an attached annexe (which for a long time has been treated as an integral part of the main house). I believe that the annexe may once have had a separate phone number but there is only one BT line to the combined property. There is a BT WB 900/8 MK2 unit connected into the wiring leading to the extension sockets in the annexe. I believe that this may be a DACS system and may be the cause of the low download speed and frequent loss of sync. I'm guessing that the DACS unit is electrically 'closer' to the master socket than the extension socket that I'm currently using, which is why sync cannot be achieved at all at the master socket.

I'm surprised that the DACS unit is still in place (assuming the WB 900/8 MK2 is DACS) as the previous owner of the property had standard broadband and I believed that it was essential that Openreach remove DACS before a service could be provided.

What's the appropriate way to resolve this low speed and frequent loss of sync please Plusnet?

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Low speed and frequent loss of sync

Hi, Sorry to hear of this issue with speed.


Best option is to get a fault logged on the system at


Once open a member of the faults team will look into the matter for you. If there is a DACs connected and thats causing the problem then we can get BT out to remove it. Besides if its not even syncing within the test socket then something is clearly wrong that would require an engineers visit.

 Peter Birt
 Plusnet Support Team
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Re: Low speed and frequent loss of sync

Fault logged.

Thank you.