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Low bandwidth

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Low bandwidth

Hi - Ive been a Plusnet customer for years with regular broadband. In December we upgraded to Fibre as we were on a slow but stable 8mb broadband connection - so now were are on Fibre.


We keep having issues with connection dropping, even when all devices have strong wifi. For example:

Netflix: Keep getting 'Low bandwidth' message

Mobiles/Ipads: All devices have full wifi, but get lots of issues with 'no connection' message in eg Youtube


What is the solution here as our service we more usable on our old ADSL 8mb connection than fibre.


To be clear this is all using wireless devices, but all devices have been measured with full to strong wifi.






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Re: Low bandwidth

Welcome to the forums Wink

Firstly, assuming its a PN Hub One, click the following - - and select no under for the sync to 2.4GHz

Then add something like 5-GHz to the SSID

I'd also suggest adding the same to the wireless key


The above will then give you 2 separate wifi channels and clearly you'd need to reconnect to to this 'new' one. Having said that, none of our devices use the 5GHz spectrum as we find it very unreliable.


The other thing is, assuming you hubs firmware is (bottom of every hub page) there is a known issue with certain devices. PN can push a newer version but they'd need to read your post first (as it's on a manual basis atm).