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Line speed

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Line speed

Hi all

I am thinking of upgrading my package to 76mb from 40mb.

I did a speed check using BT DSL  line test but its saying that my line is only capable of up to 40mb on range B (Which I'm on according to this check?) and range A is up to 53mb? is it worth me upgrading and if so would PlusNet/BT move me to Range A

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Re: Line speed

Range A and B are line quality ratings and nothing to do with Plusnet

My figures are almost the same as yours and I get about 45Mb/s and the only reason I am on 80/20 is the low upstream rate on 40/2 and also when I first got fibre the forecast was much higher (and it was wrong)

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Re: Line speed



I think you'll find that Plusnet will use the Range B (impacted) as the cutoff point for orders. So if Range B is 39Mb then they will only sell you 40/2.


This was pointed out to me by @MattyC in this thread

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Re: Line speed




Based on this, we'd advertise speeds of 40/8, though it can vary around that range. As it stands, you'd get an improvement in upload speed and possibly a slight improvement on downloads.


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