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Line speed dropped after fault

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Line speed dropped after fault

More than a month ago I had a faulty line fixed. The fault caused my fibre speed to drop quite significantly.



I have patiently waited for my line to re-profile, but nothing. I'm stuck.


The problem is that the low speed that it's now stuck at is inside the "acceptable speed range".

Am I doomed to have to live with this lower speed for ever? Is there anything that can be done? It's frustrating to have enjoyed the high speed for a while, get a fault, and then be stuck with a much lower speed. Sad


I used to be profiled at around 46:



 Download speedachieved during the test was - 33.72 Mbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speedsis 27.07 Mbps-38.67 Mbps .
 Additional Information:
 IP Profile for your line is - 38.67 Mbps

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Re: Line speed dropped after fault

Have you tried (one time only) disconnecting then reconnecting? I've been told by various sources that openreach's DLM is reluctant to raise the profile even if it can see that conditions have improved. In fact some sources say that DLM never raises the profile of it's own volition. I'm not convinced about that but for sure it doesn't raise it as quickly as it lowers it and there are several people in your situation who have found that reconnecting results in a significantly higher speed.

Just be aware as always never disconnect/reconnect multiple times in a short period. Because that will make DLM think there's a problem. 


If you have your modem stats you could try posting them here. I can't track down an example on general DLM behaviour but there's thread about one particular aspect of it here

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Re: Line speed dropped after fault

I have tried that, at a rate of no more than once a week. Well and truly stuck.


It used to settle down with a SNR of about 6db (5 at night). Now it is at 11. It does look like DLM will only negotiate down, not up!

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Re: Line speed dropped after fault

go here   and post what your estimate is if the BTW IP profile is lower than the Estimate low figure on a clean line then you can request a Engineer visit.


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Re: Line speed dropped after fault

My line always used to sync at 48-50. After the line fault appeared it very quickly profiled me down to 39.


39 is well within all the "acceptable" range, so I know I have no recourse, it was just trying to find a way back up to what I had before. It's looking like I will have to lump it.




  ---------------------- ATU-R Info (hw: annex A, f/w: annex A/B/C) -----------
   Running Mode            :      17A       State                : SHOWTIME
   DS Actual Rate          : 39998000 bps   US Actual Rate       : 10288000 bps
   DS Attainable Rate      : 50845492 bps   US Attainable Rate   : 10266000 bps
   DS Path Mode            :        Fast    US Path Mode         :        Fast 
   DS Interleave Depth     :        1       US Interleave Depth  :        1 
   NE Current Attenuation  :       22 dB    Cur SNR Margin       :       11  dB
   DS actual PSD           :     7. 8 dB    US actual PSD        :    12. 8  dB
   NE CRC Count            :      119       FE CRC Count         :     1933
   NE ES Count             :       38       FE  ES Count         :     1180
   Xdsl Reset Times        :        0       Xdsl Link  Times     :       12
   ITU Version[0]          : b5004946       ITU Version[1]       : 544e0000
   VDSL Firmware Version   : 05-07-06-0D-01-07   [with Vectoring support] 
   Power Management Mode   : DSL_G997_PMS_L0 
   Test Mode               : DISABLE 
  -------------------------------- ATU-C Info ---------------------------------
   Far Current Attenuation :       32 dB    Far SNR Margin       :        6  dB
   CO ITU Version[0]       : b5004244       CO ITU Version[1]    : 434da48c

 ---------------------- ATU-R Info (hw: annex A, f/w: annex A/B/C) -----------
                  Near End        Far End    Note
 Trellis      :      1               1
 Bitswap      :      1               1
 ReTxEnable   :      0               1
 VirtualNoise :      0               0
 20BitSupport :      0               0
 LatencyPath  :      0               0
 LOS          :      4               4
 LOF          :      0               0
 LPR          :      0               4
 LOM          :      0               0
 SosSuccess   :      0               0
 NCD          :      0               0
 LCD          :      0               0
 FECS         :      0            34783 (seconds)
 ES           :     38            1180 (seconds)
 SES          :     20               4 (seconds)
 LOSS         :      0               0 (seconds)
 UAS          :     28            2434679 (seconds)
 HECError     :      0               0
 CRC          :    119            1933
 RsCorrection :      0               0
 INP          :      0             220 (symbols)
 InterleaveDelay :      0              16 (1/100 ms)
 NFEC         :    254              32
 RFEC         :     16              16
 LSYMB        :   2765              16
 INTLVBLOCK   :    127              32
 AELEM        :      0            ----


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Re: Line speed dropped after fault

My line fault (noisy crackly line) came back for a couple of days, and my speed dropped another 5. So I have gone from 48 to 40 to 35.


Problem is the noise isn't there all the time. So it's either a no-fault-charge, or the engineer just shrugs and goes away.


Very frustrating.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Line speed dropped after fault

Sorry to hear your speeds have dropped.

Our tests aren't highlighting any external issues I'm afraid so the only way to proceed would be to raise a fault here and then we can look at arranging a engineer.

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Line speed dropped after fault

Well, things move slowly....


Since my last post, we had 9 engineer visits to fix the crackly line. I gave in in March 2017, and decided to live with an unusable line and a speed of 34. Paying for 80/20 of course.


In late August, some OR bods were in the cabinet (another user's complaint maybe?) and the line was fixed. A miracle!

In September my speed went up to 44/9.

In early December my speed went up to 48/10, where it is currently sitting. 10db, attainable rate around 63.


It seems to only re-train once every 3 months. I have learnt that if you have a faulty line, the normal OR engineers cannot reset the VDSL, as they are not "network engineers". The line seems to have a marginal re-think once every 3 months, so this process could take 9-12 months to regain speed by natural forces.



Pretty grim - if only either the user or the ISP had the ability to reset the line, then we wouldn't have to endure this farce.