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Line Speed Check Please.

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Registered: ‎06-02-2013

Line Speed Check Please.

Line Speed and IP Profile different?? on plusnet connection stats 48.4mb but my ip profile is only set at 42.22mb can these be matched up?
Ive just noticed that my profile now says 42.2mb as well this is a drop of 6.6meg from yesterday, completely unacceptable!, getting very fed up of this now, have had many engineers out and conversations with plusnet, this never gets fixed for more than 5 minutes before going down again, i shall be off at this rate, theres better deals about!
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Re: Line Speed Check Please.

Hey Boodz85,
I've conducted some tests on the service, you're currently syncing at 43.6Mb/s. I appreciate that this is a drop, but unfortunately our suppliers won't investigate as a speed problem unless it drops 30% below estimate. I'm really sorry about this Sad